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Full Circle: My Photography Hiatus and Foray Into Full Frame


The old and the new: D700 vs D7000

A few years back, when I was solidly into photography, I arrived at a point where I thought an upgrade to full frame would be worthwhile. At the time I had a Nikon D300 and a humble collection of decent lenses (no high end glass, just a couple well rated consumer zooms and a couple good primes). I was already lured by the idea of full frame, but what pushed me over the edge was a desire to shoot a lot of wide angle stuff- landscapes, etc. I had used the Sigma 10-20mm on my crop sensor Pentax body, wasn’t bad. For the D300 I bought the Tokina 11-16mm, and after trying it out for a day or two I returned it. I can’t recall what it was I didn’t like about it. I think the range was very limited, it felt cheaply built, and it seemed to overexpose compared to other lenses with same settings. But I was also growing more enamored with other benefits of a D700 upgrade: thinner DOF (bokeh shots), better viewfinder, light sensitivity/noise performance, and more I’m probably forgetting. So when I returned the Tokina, I slapped down a credit card and walked out with a new D700 with the just released 16-35mm/f4 VR lens, and $4000 in debt.

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Changing Tides: Gear For Sale?

Well to those few who may check back here from time to time, fellow photography buffs from forums, Flickr, and elsewhere: my diversion into music has pulled me away from photography for so long now that I’ve completely lost the drive to go out shooting. It’s more than a temporary distraction, but who knows… maybe guitar and singing will also run it’s course eventually. But in the meantime I’ve really been wondering if it’s even worth hanging on to my high end photo gear.  To have that much money tied up in equipment I never use, and in technology that all but expires so quickly, seems wasteful.

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Non-Photography Related: Bill C-30, Really Canada?

This kind of crap from our government really has to stop. Slowly but surely, in the name of safety, securiety and political correctness we original citizens of Canada are being robbed of liberties and the ability to use common sense in guiding our own lives. I say freedom and democracy is the grand illusion of the western world, and we need to stand up and put an end to this horrible trend of draconian law. Please go to my webpage with the online petition or visit

Am I Just Getting Lazy?

Kaslo BC - Canon G11

I write this post from BC Canada, on a vacation at Kootenay Lake with my family. I brought a photo backpack loaded with my D700 and a few choice lenses, flashes, other miscellaneous doodads, plus my tripod. After 8 days, I’ve not put one click on it. Not that there isn’t enough material. It’s beautiful out here, and I like landscape and nature photography. It’s just that I have two young children and can’t seem to get away on my own for any significant amount of time to concentrate on my photography. I could bring the gear along wherever we go, but it’s so clunky. It’s big, heavy, and since it’s expensive stuff I have additional reservations about leaving it in the car for any length of time, at daily stops when it’s not practical to schlep it along (say while getting groceries or grabbing lunch etc.)

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The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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