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Lens Sharpness And Other Mysteries

I just had to post this link to an article about lens sharpness on The Luminous Landscape. Ouch! The truth hurts… or sometimes it’s just plain funny.

Anyhow, great article by Michael Reichmann.


P.O.T.W. #8- Long Exposures series

Originally uploaded by J.Rabold

There were two images from J.Rabold’s long exposure on the dock submissions to the Flickr group that I liked, and had a difficult time choosing between. But in the end this one won out because I think the ghosted dog is cool and I like the long shadows thrown by the backlit figure. Very interesting images and good work J. Rabold!

Some Interesting Links (Off Site)

14 Powerful TED Talks by Photographers:

Another very interesting photography related link. I guess I figure if I can’t constantly pump out the fascinating articles myself, at least I can link visitors to someone or somewhere else that can.

14 Powerful TED Talks by Photographers.


Rick Nunn ~ How I Shoot: Lowkey Portrait:

A very simple and interesting how-to on setting up a  low-key lighting portrait. I really like this look.

Rick Nunn ~ How I Shoot: Lowkey Portrait.

Copyright Paranoia

Okay I’m probably going to get flamed big-time for this rant, but if I see one more hobbyist photographer with a big nasty looking watermark plastered across their images displayed online I’m going to gouge my eyes out. A lot of professional photographers discuss digital rights management issues and what they do to prevent theft of their “property” displayed in the public domain, and I think this gets many of us all worried over nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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