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Welcome To The New f8 PhotoBlog!

Yeee-hoo! I’m almost done getting this new site up and running properly. I have added the Photo Gallery page and completed setting up some image collections there. To get there just scroll up so you can see the very top of the page, and next to the Home link is the link to the Photo Gallery page. It’s not quite as slick as my previous gallery, in some ways. It just looks kinda bloggy, but I’ll try to get used to it.

My New Flickr Group

I just created a new Flickr group here that is for people-in-environment images, in hopes of attracting some inspirational shots from around the world. If/when the group grows to any reasonable size I will start to choose a favourite image each week, and post it to this blog. It will get it’s own entry with a brief caption, as well as being featured on the sidebar of the blog (see right), and will always provide a link back to Flickr and photographer acknowledgement. If you are reading this, and are a member at Flickr, please join my group! It’s called f8 & Be There- People In Environment.

Thanks to B&H for the invite to participate in their affiliate program. I hope I can do the relationship some justice through my humble little blog and gallery here. So if you are reading this and are considering purchasing any photography gear or electronics of any kind, please click on one of the B&H links here to port through to their website hopefully you’ll like what they have to offer, which is LOTS!

Photography Related Domain Names For Sale

Good .com domain names are getting real scarce. I have a few extra photography related ones that I have no immediate plans for that I would consider selling for the right price. Here they are:

  • (also have (good name for instruction, podcast, tutorial, workshop based site)

Let me know by email if you are interested.

The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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