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Pants on the Ground

This old gentleman from auditions for American Idol is an inspiration.

Sixty-two years old, possibly a retired army general, possibly mildy nuts, but certainly in great physical shape for his age, and witty enough to lyricize insightful observations of pop culture. I’m pretty sure his song Pants On The Ground is an expression of disgust over young boys who think they look cool wearing their pants 3/4 of the way down their ass, with the crotch down around their knees. Larry, sir, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I think your simple song is going to inspire like-minded adults around the globe like a rally cry of good taste and timeless sensibility. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world.

Yay! I got accepted into the Pentax Photo Gallery!

Yes, I’m so pleased that all four of the images I submitted were accepted on the first attempt. Searching around on line I was reading that these images are judged, which is why it takes so long for submissions to be accepted or declined, and that the judges are pretty selective. In many forum discussions I read about photographers either complaining about being declined or trumpeting having one or two accepted after several submissions. So I have to consider myself lucky. Click on the screenshot image provided above to link through to the gallery page if you are interested in checking it out.

What Not To Do With An Unplanned Photo Opportunity

Another little lesson learned. On the morning of new year’s eve, the light overnight snowfall and frost stayed in the trees, meeting a virtually windless day, making for an ideal winter landscape photo opportunity calling me out to capture it’s beauty. But I had to work, business as usual. Well the phones were quiet, and by just past noon I had done all the things I could recall needed to be done. And spur of the moment I decided I was going to cut out of work for a while and head out to snap some shots of the snowy shrubbery while it lasted. Somehow, my photo opportunity turned into my wife’s hair treatment opportunity and soon enough I was committed to taking the kids with me. Still kind of stunned at how it happened, I didn’t resist much. But that proved to be the calm before the storm.

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New Web Gallery (work in progress)

Even though I really liked the overall look of my old website for, which was the free Godaddy website tonight product, I always knew I would want to play around with a real, non-template based, banner/ad-free, website some day. That some day came when I found out I could get proper hosting through Godaddy for about $6 for 3 months just to try it out. I use Lightroom which can create simple flash and html galleries from your collections withing LR, which is cool. But I wanted a landing page and some kind of index to precede the gallery, instead of just automatically being thrust into one of the gallery collections when you type in my URL. Since my web design skills are minimal I knew I would want to keep it simple. I think the mistake a lot of web design newbs make is to try to get fancy, often exceeding their skill levels.

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The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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