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Finally, My First "Pro" Zoom

I have a few prime lenses that are perhaps good enough to find their way into a pro’s bag, but I really prefer keeping zooms on my cameras for less lens changes. In my Nikon gear, I have consumer grade kit zooms. Good ones, mind you, but not pro caliber. Well I’ve been tempted by the Nikkor Golden Trio of 2.8 zooms for the longest time and just can’t seem to get past the $2000-ish+ price tag. At least for the time being.
I had a shot on ebay at an open box Pentax DA* 50-135/2.8 from the Wolf/Ritz surplus at US$650 and I seized the opportunity. Wasn’t without challenges though because the seller refused to ship outside USA (which pisses me off to no end- c’mon it’s Canada, the unofficial 51st state, not freakin Lebanon- but that’s another story). I had to get the people I work for in the USA to bid, pay, take delivery and re-ship.

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A Late Halloween Entry

Strike the Pose

Took a few photos halloween night as I was handing out candy in my garage. This one is cropped heavily to get to these two youngsters with their very interesting expressions. Talk about striking the pose!

The Wales Theater


Wales Theatre

Is this the next historical High River building to disappear? I hope not. I was out last night roaming about downtown with my camera, and I actually wanted to shoot the tack and diner, but the nice neon signs were off. So I ended up over near the Wales theater and decided to try some cityscapes High River style.

Adams Auto Service

I snapped this photo from our car as we were stopped at the traffic lights at 1st St and McLeod Tr in High River. It was a sudden impulse since I had the camera in my hand but had no intention of this old building to be a subject. The car window was closed even, and this is why the image was very dull looking. It took a fair amount of post processing in the digital darkrrom just to get some contrast and life back into the image. But what really makes this ho-hum impulse snapshot significant to me is that a few weeks later the building, being where it was located it was nearly a High River landmark, was gone. Levelled. Just like that. So I am posting this for purposes of nostalgia.

The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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