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Online Image Hosting vs Data Backup Services

I had started a little gallery of photos using my free-with-domain-purchase Go Daddy photo album, and linked to it from my starter site,, but then came to a realization the other day. As I understand it, I can only use one photo album credit per domain, and I am given only 1 GB of space before I have to upgrade to a paid product.

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Go Daddy Go! Domain Name Shopping

f8 Photo Canada

f8 Photo Canada

After f8photo was only available in a .ca flavour, and even my own family name, as uncommon as I thought it was, had also been taken in it’s .com format, I felt somewhat impotent and unfulfilled. I had to keep searching for a good .com, particularly photography related, domain name. I don’t know why, but I feel like .coms are the virtual world’s version of good waterfront property- disappearing fast and going up in price all the time. If you’ve never tried searching domains, I bet you’d be surprised how many crazy names have already been taken. Almost anything you can think of that has any kind of cool ring to it, as long as it’s not overly long, has been scarfed up. But as of today I am the proud owner of (and threw into the cart for good measure). Will I ever do anything with the domain, as in sell it for a profit or build a website on it? Who knows. But at least it’s mine for now.


Photo Contests- Judging

As an example of me just not getting award winning photos, here is a link to the winning photo of a different contest- a much larger one in another part of the world- that just makes me wonder what’s wrong with my photo judging eye.

Winning Entry for National Geographic Portrait Prize

In one of the forums that I hang out at, it was pretty much a unanimous stumper how this image won the contest. There were a lot of other great entries. And this raises one of the big issues for me about art, photography and critiques. If I was to post that exact same shot in a critique forum as a newbie I bet I doubt I’d get a lot of praise. In fact I’ve seen published photos by professionals that if posted to a critique forum without recognition and credentials would get picked apart. So the question hangs, what makes a photograph good? What’s in it, who shot it, or who’s looking at it? I guess when there should be only one correct answer, the actual answer is (d) all of the above.

Pentax DA 50-200mm f4-5.6 ED WR Review

I never tried the previous non-WR version to compare to, but my first impressions are:
1. Nice feel, not heavy but not really cheap or flimsy feeling either. Fairly tight but smooth zoom ring.
2. Has a 49mm thread with a hood that has a little panel that comes out (like a battery compartment lid) to be able to turn a circular polarizer or such.
3. Barrel extends on zoom and focus but front element does not rotate.
4. Did not come with any kind of case or bag (no biggie)
5. Mild CA/PF on high contrast edges but only noticeable on 100%+ zoom
I haven’t shot any brick walls yet but this photo as an example shows some pretty decent sharpness, colour (though I shot RAW and boosted saturation a bit in post processing), and bokeh. I’m no expert reviewer (obviously) but on the negative side I notice some light falloff and softness at the corners but in this particular shot the softness may come more from thin DOF. It was shot at f5, ISO 160, shutter speed 1/160 sec, in daylight

The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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