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Marv's Classic in Black Diamond. July 26, 2009

This one had a bit of everything- classic cars, live music, 50s stars, and a lot of fun for the whole family. We got there late in the day, so we didn’t get to see Marilyn Monroe, but here’s Elvis:


Thank-ya Very Much

I decided to try out a HDR-ish post processing technique on the photo and, although a bit unrealistic as you can see, I really liked the result. If you click the link below you can see the original version with just a bit of desaturation, and some more snapshots from the event.

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Foothills Sunset


Foothills Sunset

Sunday July 12th we headed out to Drumheller to visit the Royal Terrell Museum. I won’t post any of those photos here since it is way out of the foothills region, but on the way back, as we got close to High River, I had to pull over to get a shot of the lovely sunset behind this old abandoned farmhouse. This photo was obviously enhanced in post processing, but believe it or not this is actually closer to what my eye saw than the original RAW image straight from camera. Cameras like mine can’t match the human eye in perception of dynamic range.

Or, if you like one in landscape orientation that’s a little less “enhanced”:

Foothills Sunset

Canada Day in High River. July 1, 2009

60s Pontiac

I spent part of the day in George Lane park, photographing the classic cars, some animals at the petting zoo, and other festivities. And then at night I got a prime spot across the murky pond from the fireworks. Although the wind was picking up and a bit of rain came down, all making the water a bit choppy and less reflective, as well as the water having a lot of growth and stuff on the surface to begin with, I was still able to get some blurry but colorful reflections of the fireworks. This day I shot Pentax. The Sigma 10-20mm wide angle for the cars, and the excellent DA 35mm/2.8 ltd for the fireworks. Here’s some highlights: 

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Guy Weadick Rodeo in High River. June 20, 2009

Shot these with the Nikkor AF-ED 300mm f4 on my D300 with a monopod from my seat in the bleachers. By the way I don’t know who to thank more for the extremely frustrating seating arrangements at the event- the designers of the bleachers who chose not to have an aisle up each side of the very long rows of bench, in addition to the center aisle, or the seated crowd who chose to fill up all the seating closest to the center aisle first leaving only empty seats at the far ends that couldn’t even be accessed unless one felt like wedging oneself into an 15 inch wide gap 20 feet long and stepping over baby seats, food/drinks, purses and backpacks, getting nothing but grumbles and dirty looks the whole way down. SCOOT, you dummies! There, now I feel better that I got that out. Other than that it was a great event- Lots of Fun!! Click the link below to see a couple snapshots from the event:

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The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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