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Okay, Well…. Maybe Not So Brief

Since I tend to get pretty involved, I can’t seem to keep two hobbies going simultaneously. Photography continues to be sidelined to my musical interests, and I’m a bit sad to say I have little enthusiasm, let alone time, to pick up up the camera. I’ve also created another website/blog that is my first attempt at mixing in a bit of commerce, other than google adsense I mean, and it also has been taking a chunk of my time over the last few months. I am hoping that the lack of enthusiasm is more of a winter blues kinda thing, and that the photography bug will bite again come spring. Though I also know that the nicer weather will have me in the backyard, picking and singing some summertime blues. One possible bright spot for my photo hobby- a local friend who does the occasional wedding for free, more as a favour to her friends who can’t afford to hire a professional, has welcomed me to join her as a second shooter on one of her next gigs! I’m pretty stoked about that, and since I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist type, it will surely have me practicing and playing with lighting… getting the old vision working again!

P.O.T.M. #14 – Snow Walk

Originally uploaded by bambe1964

I am wildly impressed by this capture and treatment. The tones are amazing, the framing within framing is brilliant, the DOF and focus combined with the snowfall just makes for such a fascinating image. Extremely well done Bambe!

P.O.T.M #13 – Passing By

Originally uploaded by Iguanasan


Really cool capture from the f8 Flickr group. I like the mirror-like juxtaposition of elements, the coloured light in the windows. A perfect example of when to break the rules…centeredness absolutely works in this composition. Nice work, Glenn!

Brief Interlude

Not that I have a lot of faithful followers anxiously awaiting each blog entry, but I’ve been neglecting the blog (and my photography) lately. I’ve recently had another older interest of mine rejuvenated- music. I finally, and rather impulsively, purchased my first decent guitar. I started playing when I was about 12 years old. But it’s been an on and off hobby, mostly off, over the many years since then, and was never fueled by gigging or any interaction with other musicians. So I just didn’t have the inspirational and educational influences nor the drive (nor the talent, and some would say) to make anything out of it, and it just became a stagnant guitar-sits-in-the-closet-collecting-dust-for-years kinda thing.

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The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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