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Landscapes in late Autumn- time to change tracks?

_HIQ3979_80_81_82-Edit.jpgI haven’t been able to free myself much lately from the busy family life to go out and take photos without my kids in tow. I’ve missed the peak of autumn colours, which is a great time for one last kick at the landscape cat before the dull winter sets in. Now the trees are pretty bare, the grass has turned a bland shade of yellow, and it gets harder to capture lively scenes of nature- if you like vibrant colours as I do. I tried yesterday on a walk with my kids, to snap a couple shots from a nearby riverbank, but the results were disappointing. I miss the greens, and other colours of the various blooms and wildflowers- heck even a dandelion or two would inject some life into my landscapes.

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The Hills Are Alive…

Every once in a while I get to rescue an an image that has no legs to stand on it’s own. Something I see in the subpar capture just triggers an idea, and then I play around with different effects and such in post. And occasionally I end up with something that doesn’t make my eyes bleed… maybe even something I like. I do not have the most creative vision as a photographer- far from it. But I do believe I have a knack for looking at a captured image and seeing what treatment, if any, would be appropriate in post-processing. My wanting photoshop skills are not always able to enact that vision fully.

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Photography, Technology, and Economics

I’ve often said things like “these days everyone and their dog’s a photographer.” It’s a great hobby, so why not? And the digital age has accelerated everyone’s learning curve and inspiration (via the resulting wave of online photo sharing and critique sites and forums) while offering ever increasing feature to cost ratio and expanding variety of affordable photography equipment. I listen to a lot of photography podcasts, and a common theme in some series addresses the effect of this amateur explosion on existing professional photographers’ livelihood and longevity. Well, one thing you can always count on, where money is at stake, is the survival of good ol’ free enterprise ingenuity.

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P.O.T.M. #12 – Walking from Mattencherry to Fort Cochin

Originally uploaded by JoTemple

A great composition, sort of a travel magazine pic given more of a photo-journalistic feel via the black and white treatment. I’m always drawn to depictions of culture in, what would be for me, exotic locales.  Although I’d like to see the colour version, this one’s definitely a fantastic capture by group member Jo Temple. Great work, Jo!

The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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