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Fifty-Two Project, Week 1

50mm @ f/2
Jordan aboard the school bus on a rainy September morning. I tried to go for moody and a bit abstract here with the face being out of focus and hard to see through the dirty bus window. This was shot with camera held above my head, manual exposure, manual focus with an old 50mm/1.4 lens on my Pentax K100D… no live-view, total guesswork.

Nik Software Announces HDR Efex Pro

There are a few different HDR processing tools out there, but Photomatix seems to be the overall standard amongst photographers. As a user, I’ve always felt Photomatix left a lot of room for improvement. And now it looks like a new player is prepared to challenge it’s position as the software tool of choice. I’ve only watched the Nik promo video so far, so it’s kind of premature to get too excited about the new plug-in. But having used other Nik products, and being somewhat familiar with the U-Point Technology, I am really jazzed about this HDR Efex Pro. I have a feeling it’s going to blow Photomatix out of the water. As an aside, kudos to Nik Software’s marketing team for getting Trey Ratcliff in on the promo video. Very smart.

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P.O.T.M. #10 – I Got It!

I Got It!
Originally uploaded by Iguanasan

Iggy sure got it on this one. The composition, exposure, shutter speed, focus, everything bang on. Everyone who sees my Flickr photostream knows I’m a sucker for a capture of kids having fun, in the moment, so this one was a natural choice for me. Well done Glenn!

New Nikon Lenses Announced!

Some overview on four new Nikon Lenses at B&H Photo

The 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VR and the DX 55-300 f3.5-5.6 VR don’t interest me at all at this point, so I’ll just briefly comment on the 85/1.4 and the 24-120/4VR. It looks like although technical reviews from sites like didn’t give the old 85/1.4 much accolades, it was by all accounts a phenomenal portrait lens and has been the reigning Nikkor king of bokeh (aka “the cream machine”). It was an older design that perhaps was due for a re-vamp… but what could Nikon improve on that lens? Will they succeed? Will the legendary bokeh remain? Will it turn out to be another if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it outcome? So many questions going through my mind at the time the announcement of the new lenses was made.

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The Whimsical Image

Tripods are for pussies!

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