iMac and MacBook Retina Mockups

by pixelpapa

iMac and MacBook Retina Mockups

Designed by Jozef Mak, here comes the iMac and MacBook Retina Mockups in PSD file. It is completely free for download at

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Moreover, this PSD contains high-resolution retina display, fully scalable vectors and are royalty-free. The attached PSD of the New iMac and MacBook Pro with Retina Display comes in two files and already has 169,215 views, 929 likes, and 242 saves.

In the link, you’ll find bigger PSD sizes in the attached files and the download source for those. Plus, you will get to see more projects from the designer and related works from creators as well.

Lastly, feel free to share and download this PSD. Just make sure to link an attribution back to the site of the source. We hope you find a good use for it. Share and enjoy!–PSD-iMac-MacBook-Retina?list=everyone