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Share in the knowledge and beauty of the Digital World!

The world of technology is a vast space that most people have not fully encountered, yet so many lives depend on it. A lot of what we see and hear today, both through traditional media and exciting new platforms, were created through modern technology. But it needs a community of though-leaders who will guide new people into venturing further and further into this new artistic space. You can be one when you share your knowledge, skills, and talents into our own platform of celebrating digital imagery.

Our website shares tips, tricks, mock-ups, and inspiration to help graphic artists create stunning new imagery. We’ve become a network of beauty-makers, offering both nostalgic tinges of the designs of the past and new techniques in creating the look of the future. We also offer pieces of advice for those venturing into graphic design and how they can manage the job of creating new and exciting imagery. Do you want to join our community? Here’s how.

How to Contribute Images and Articles to Pixel Papa:

  1. Reach out to us via our ‘About Us’ page or by emailing us directly at info@pixelpapa.com.
  2. You can submit any number of materials for our site as long as you provide text describing them or share some information on how you create them.
  3. You can also submit long articles with a minimum of 800 words. They can talk about areas in graphic design, the new technological advancements, and any other topic that’s central to the overall theme of Pixel Papa. Please also provide images for your long articles as a visual aid.
  4. All submissions must strictly be 100% original and were made by you or your company!
  5. Keep in mind that all images submitted and uploaded to our site are subject to free download by other users for both personal and commercial use.

PLEASE NOTE: Pixel Papa is an online community of digital artists. Our platform acts as a gallery of sorts for artists to showcase their designs and for others to draw inspiration from them. We are currently not in a position to compensate for any submission uploaded to our site. We will, however, give proper credit to those who generously share their work for our platform.