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Logos design are a huge part of any company. It’s the very first thing people think of when they hear the company’s name and it’s the image they’ll often associate them with. The logo represents what the business is, what they stand for, and what they mean to their customers. In this day and age, when everything has become so visual because of social media, a company’s logo can make or break a business. It’s become extremely imperative that a logo must catch attention and have it stay on people’s minds.

If you’re tasked to create the company logo, then you have a huge responsibility. But don’t worry, as creating a logo design doesn’t have to be as nerve-wracking as you think. In fact, it can even be quite fun and easy. To help you out, here are a few tips on getting the best ideas for a logo design.

Know the Company

The first step in getting a good idea for a company’s logo is to know them by heart. What is their business? What do they sell? What service do they provide? Who are they targetting? These are questions you have to get the answers to in order to truly understand the company. The logo is not just some random art piece you’re creating, it’s the company’s symbol. How people will remember their business is all up to how their logo best represents them and how impactful it is. Before setting your creativity free, it’s best to understand the business you’re making this logo for first.

Study the Company’s Market

If the company is for babies and kids, you’d want the logo to be as adorable and as pleasing as possible. If the company is for a corporate business, they’d most likely prefer their logo to look practical. Businesses differ mostly in who they’re aiming their product or service for. It’s vital that their logos will be able to attract those people within their target market. You wouldn’t want kids to be confused at the logo of a toy brand, else they won’t want to buy from them. Similarly, if customers think a luxury brand’s logo isn’t sophisticated enough, they wouldn’t spend their money on them either.

Focus on The Product or Service

When it comes to logos, it’s best to be as specific as possible. Focus on the products or service at hand and how your image can precisely represent them. This is why milk brands almost always have cows on their logos and as mascots, or ice cream shops always have a scoop or a sundae as theirs. Their logo tells customers up front what they can expect from their business, which can make people more willing to buy their products or avail their services. While there are famous businesses now whose logos are not exactly close to what they sell, these are unique cases where it took years for these companies to gain as much success as they currently have. But nowadays, when things are faster and more instant, it’s better to get the gist of the business on the logo itself.

Be as Unique as Possible

More often than not, what will help differentiate businesses from their competitors are their logos. If their logo is extremely unique and out-of-the-box, chances are they’ll stick to people’s minds more than those whose logos are general and ordinary. Create one that jumps out at first sight, whether it be because of the font, the colors used, or the image itself. Oftentimes, the best logos are the ones that are easy to describe because of their uniqueness and those are the businesses that people will remember to buy from or go to.

Pick Up on Trends

While it’s best to stay as unique as possible, picking up on today’s trends wouldn’t hurt. People will also remember logos if they’re attuned to the times when the business was first established or opened. For the companies themselves, it adds to their value as one that has experienced successful longevity. Why do you think various business, many of which were established decades or even centuries ago, contain the years they were established in their logos. Adhering to the trends of the times isn’t necessarily conforming to any general idea, but rather specifying the identity and the history of the business at hand.

The Simpler the Better

Ever noticed the logos of high fashion and luxury brands when you go to the mall? These billion-dollar businesses, whose prices are often thousands of bucks yet a lot of people still buy from them, have logos with just their name. Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Givenchy, the list can go on and on. These brands followed another good idea into making an effective logo: the simpler the better. An eye-catching logo doesn’t always translate into an elaborate one. Just a simple image, or in these luxury labels’ cases, a simple name, is enough to attract customers into their business. Simple logos are also easier for people to remember, as long as it’s unique as well.

Make it Understandable

Probably the most important tip for any logo-maker is to make it understandable. There have been numerous cases wherein people are unable to understand the logo, and in effect, don’t understand the company as well. This often leads to a huge loss for businesses. No matter how unique, colorful, simple, and in line with the business, a logo is, if people can’t understand it, it’s basically a dud. Draw, write, paint, color, and do whatever you like when a logo, as long as the end-product delivers the message in a concise and easy way.

A logo is one of the most essential and important parts of any business. They can make or break the company’s success. Following these easy tips can ensure that any logo you create will make a solid impact on the business. Who knows? Maybe what you end up creating is something that people will remember in the long run!

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